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Reformed International Theological Education
RITE News : You Can Share In Our Work
Posted by MERLE on 2006/7/27 16:00:00 (3937 reads) News by the same author

You Can Share In Our Work

By Dr. Merle Messer

My wife and I recently took a trip to Hawaii to celebrate her graduation from Nursing School and her birthday. (I cannot tell which birthday.)

Before the Gospel reached the Hawaiians, the Hawaiians would quite often have wars with other islanders. Here is how their battle strategy worked. When boats from an island would land on another island, the natives of that island would get their warriors and go down to the beach to greet the ships. If they were friendly, that was fine, if they were not friendly, they would just start fighting. It was chaos, no battle plans, no strategy.

Isnt it wonderful that our God is not that way. He is a God of order, discipline, plans and strategy. We have seen this God of order at work in Ukraine and especially in the Donetsk Region. RITE formed with a commitment to follow the leading of our Lord Jesus Christ through the operating power of His Holy Spirit. Our Lord formed RITE and the International Reformed Seminary of Donetsk and He has been directing our paths for three full years.

Since our Lord is directing and causing all these things to come about, does that mean that His people have no responsibility towards supporting this work? Since Ephesians 1:11 says that Christ works all things according to the counsel of His will, what is our part? Lets face it, normally God works in and through His people to do His will.

Each person reading this newsletter (&even a few others) can share in the work of the seminary in Donetsk and have a part in building the Reformed faith in Eastern Ukraine.

You can pray diligently for this ministry, you can help recruit good professors to teach and you can contribute financially. Think of prayer, the Bible says that the effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. If you can commit to praying regularly for RITE, please drop me an email stating your willingness in this area. Think of recruiting good professors. Each person reading this newsletter undoubtedly knows a good pastor or professor or teacher who would both enjoy the opportunity to teach in Donetsk and would be good for the students. If you can help recruit, please drop me an email stating your willingness in this area. Think of financial giving. The Bible teaches about returning unto the Lord a portion of what He has given us. I do not know of any ministry where every dollar that is raised goes directly to supporting a ministry the way it is used with RITE. No American gets any type of pay or remuneration even as a reimbursement for expenses. Every dollar raised goes directly for student stipends, rent, salaries of Ukrainians hired to work for the seminary or for food for the professors while in Donetsk. If you can contribute financially, please drop me an email stating your willingness in this area.

It is true that God is working out His plans with RITE and the International Reformed Seminary in Donetsk. Yet, even in His sovereignty He is looking forward to His people rising up and helping to advance this ministry.

When the Gospel reached Hawaii, the wars between the islands stopped and a new order was in place. In the Donetsk Region of Ukraine, the Reformed faith is bringing order where there has been theological chaos. If you can either pray, recruit or give, or do all three, please join in our efforts to replace chaos with the Reformed faith.

Email: Cell 24/7: 601-573-8973

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